Advertising and Marketing Packages for Restaurant and Bars

Images offers effective advertising, marketing and Digital Promotions opportunities for restaurants and bars. Our full service approach includes featured articles, professional onsite photography, banner advertising, and social media exposure. works with restaurants and bars to support marketing needs for special menus, beer and wine events, vendor promotions and more. Let us introduce our audience to your venue with a featured article and social media exposure.

Main Line Restaurant Week

Since 2010,'s spring and fall restaurant weeks have brought together area restaurants and the public for an exciting week of culinary enjoyment. Participating restaurants offer a three-course, fixed-price menu throughout the event and optional discounted lunch menus. Visit For futher information, please contact us at

Featured Articles

Featured articles pair AML writers with regional business owners to produce a compelling profile highlighting your restaurant or bar. The 800 to 1200 word article includes 3-5 selected photos by our talented staff photographers. Once published on, featured articles not only reach our large local audience, but will continue to provide value for months, even years, to come. Can you say that of your last print ad?

Monday Night Meetups and Wednesday Night Whinos

In 2010, AML launched two local social groups to bring our active and growing audience together in a fun, casual environment to network, make new friends and experience local businesses across the region.

Monday Night Meetups, held on a regular basis on a Monday evening, offer AML fans, clients and contacts a casual and fun chance to meet and interact at a local business or restaurant around the Philadelphia region. The Meetups are free and AML clients also have the chance to host a Meetup to bring local consumers into their restaurant or retail space to connect with potential customers. Contact us if you would like to host a Monday Night Meetup.

Wednesday Night Whinos is AML's official ladies social club which successfully launched in February of 2010. WNW events will be held on a regular basis across the Delaware Valley as an opportunity for local women to connect with their community and neighbors in a casual and fun environment. WNW is free to our AML audience and is supported by our advertisers and clients who are interested in marketing to Main Line moms and businesswomen in a modern, compelling manner. Contact us if you would like to host a Wednesday Night Whinos event.


Want to show your establishment in the best possible light?’s talented partner photographers will capture your décor, cuisine, location and staff and provide creative, beautiful images to support your future marketing and PR efforts.

Banner Advertising offers a variety of banner advertisements as well as creative services required to get your ad online today.

Online banner ads offer you an opportunity to communicate your brand, special events or promotions. All banner ads are run of site—ensuring your ad is visible to every visitor. Run of site ads yield increased exposure and improved visitor engagement.

e-Newsletter Advertising

We offer additional advertising exposure in our monthly e-newsletter Catch Up with Newsletter banners are available in two standard sizes:

  • Sponsor Ad: A 468 x 60 pixel banner advertisement at top of e-newsletter linking to your establishment's website, event, or online promotion.
  • Announcement Ad: A 192 pixel wide banner advertisement in left column.

Social Media prides itself on its loyal social media audience.’s highly active Facebook and Twitter pages offer an engaged audience ready to grow your patron base. Promote your events, food and drink specials through our social media channels.

Our active social media channels via our Facebook fan page and Twitter accounts allow for continuous interactive support of restaurant and bar promotions seven days a week.

Additional Event Development and Support Services

  • Event Co-branding with AML: Customized Facebook Evite to AML Fans, live social media messaging leading up to day of event. Preview and post event article, text and hyperlinks to restaurant Facebook Fan page, website.
  • Event Creation with AML: Customized assistance in strategic event name and scheduling, event details, timing of marketing strategy, identification of appropriate affiliations with other AML clients.
  • Support of company events, specials, menu updates, beer and wine events, holiday promotions and more via articles on AML, enewsletter editorial, live social media messaging, social media fan page event listing and more.

Additional Services

Having trouble meeting your marketing goals? Allow to support your business with these key services:

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