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Strike a Pose

By Stephanie Churchill, AML Contributing Writer
Photos Courtesy of Keven E. McPherson

Strike a Pose<br>Stephanie Churchill prepares for class

Stephanie Churchill of prepares for class

What better way to start a perfect fall day than by practicing yoga? As I pulled up to Wayne’s Verge Power Studio a few weeks ago, the leaves were rustling in the wind and the air was brisk. I’m greeted by a lovely staff that welcomed me into their studio with warmth and smoothly introduced me to the process of unblocking, unfolding and unleashing the body. Yoga is a discipline and at Verge they have their structure and methodology down to a science. Verge operates under the philosophy that each and every one of us has the capacity to realize our greatest potential. Their vision is to support their student’s well being and to empower them to embrace change, to strive for optimal health and to awaken to conscious living.

I wanted the full “Verge” experience. So, I began the day with a stationary class. This requires taking the time to set body, breath and mind into alignment by clearing the mind and centering your thoughts. The form is structured and the pace is slow and controlled. It is a static form of yoga, focused on holding each posture and deepening the form, adjusting and realigning as necessary. As you continue your practice in this way, you will see your body strengthen and become more toned, flexible and supple; joints and bones will also be strengthened. This class is good for all ages and body types because it keeps the yoga bold but basic. You start at a point that works for you and follow your own path, guided by a trained and in-tune teacher.

Proper Alignment is Key in Stationary Class

Proper Alignment is Key in Stationary Class

After a quick break you may want to test your endurance and increase the benefits of your practice by staying for a second session. Verge’s Flow class is a Vinyasa style movement based yoga. You will begin with Sun Salutations, engage in some warrior sequences, and test your balance, and then move to the floor to alternately strengthen your core and rest your body. An hour class will provide a great mental and physical workout – leaving you sweaty and able to surrender your mind for the purpose of building clarity, concentration, and control.

Cara is the owner of Verge Power Yoga, which just celebrated their four-year anniversary. She is a passionate teacher with over 25 years of sports, fitness and yoga experience. She founded Verge as a means to share her dedication to the ancient practice of yoga, her enthusiasm for fitness and sport, and her desire to live in the moment. She is a regular presenter to the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) of which she is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). A teacher to teachers, Cara co-directs the 200-hour Verge Power Yoga/Empowered Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Verge Power Studio<br>Wayne, PA

Verge Power Studio
Wayne, PA

Jane, my teacher at Verge, has been teaching for six years and a yogi for ten years described the discipline and theory Verge teaches as structured and hard working while fluid and flexible. She has a special spark and passion that is easily apparent in her teaching. We talked of how special it is to love what you do and that to find yoga is to first find true love for yourself, followed by finding true love in and for others.

Churchill and the talented Verge Staff

Churchill and the talented Verge Staff

Verge has a great range of options for everyone – from beginners to experts to teachers-in-training. Outside of the two classes I experienced, they also offer: Brand New Beginner’s Series, for yoga newbies, Flow Basics, to prepare the out-of-practice for Flow class, and open meditation. Prepare to sweat, as the room is anywhere from 88-90. The heat allows your body to relax and surrender to postures. This is especially helpful to those who are not as flexible or regular in their practice. Complimenting the class schedule perfectly is a strong sense of community; students are friendly and enjoy sharing the experience with one another. So stop in and experience Verge for yourself. But be warned, it is addictive!

Verge Power Yoga is located at 250 West Lancaster Avenue in Wayne, PA. For an updated class schedule, visit: To contact the staff directly call: 610-971-0518 or email:

Stephanie Churchill, a contributing writer for AML, is a yoga instructor & massage therapist in Philadelphia. She strives to create a global community around the philosophy of Zen by helping people discover natural living, peace, happiness, balance & strength. Churchill’s is a resource for the growth and development of the mind, body and spirit while is a place to find unique, natural, artisan gifts for your life.

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