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Animal House: Part Two

Photos courtesy of Kevin E. McPherson

Part 2 of our 3 Part Series: takes you for an exclusive online tour of the 2008 PSPCA designer show house.

Lucky Dog!<br>Media Night gave AML mascot Max a chance to schmooze with NBC10's Dawn Timmeney

Lucky Dog!
Media Night gave AML mascot Max a chance to schmooze with NBC10's Dawn Timmeney

Dear AML Readers:

This is AML’s second installment of our three-part series highlighting the PSPCA’s 2008 Doghaus. Sometimes when a fantastic charitable cause includes a beautiful venue and a slew of cocktail parties and socials, it’s easy to get caught up in the fun and forget the real purpose of the event. And, I can admit that I have been guilty of that on many occasions. However, this exciting and creative effort, that has resulted in one of the most beautiful show houses I’ve ever laid eyes on, keeps front-of-mind the fact that every single visitor who walks in the door will be contributing to the heroic efforts of the PSPCA.

The Pennsylvania SPCA ( helps over 75,000 animals a year through their cruelty-and-neglect investigations, rescue efforts, medical programs, and adoption programs. I recently visited the website of the Main Line Animal Rescue ( and saw the loving, beautiful faces of hundreds of animals waiting for a chance at a new beginning. And, that is just one shelter! When you think of the difference it would make if just a handful of pet owners were a bit more responsible and had their pets spayed or neutered, there would not be such a national crises. Unfortunately, that is not the reality we are facing.

Right now there are hundreds of thousands of homeless animals in shelters across the state waiting for you to walk through the door and give them a chance at a greater life. With your ticket purchase and visit to the Edgcumbe House, you will be helping dogs, cats, bunnies and other animals in need across the state find that new family and a loving, forever home. And that, my friends, is good reason to raise a cocktail in celebration and hope!

Let’s make a difference together.
AML CEO and Publisher

The Master Bedroom
Designer: Rebecca Paul, Rebecca Paul Residential Design
Wyndmoor, PA
Ideal Client: Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy

Pillow Cases Courtesy of Molly Ellis
BE Monograms
Chestnut Hill, PA
Best Inspiration: The alphabet-all 26 letters

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia<br>Rebecca Paul’s Master Bedroom

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Rebecca Paul’s Master Bedroom

Doghaus co-founder and co-chair Rebecca Paul did not only orchestrate another fantastic show house in 2008 (along with PSPCA board member Lynn Lehocky), Paul also found the time to design the fresh, feminine master bedroom. Tucked in a corner of the second floor, right at the foot of the third floor staircase, a wonderfully bright palette will pull you in before you head up to the attic. Paul’s bedroom has an American classic feel with clever, appealing touches.

A delicious apple green toile is the primary print in this sunny, clean space—but the formality of the room is countered by a surprising pink animal print that provides a modern twist. Meticulously monogrammed pillows by Chestnut Hill’s BE Monograms ( top off the room. “Molly Ellis replicated my business initials on the pillow cases to a tee because she said I should remember who I am when I lay my head down at night! But seriously, the inspiration for this year’s room in DogHaus came from the space itself: the master bedroom was dark and a bit dreary so I decided to breathe some light and freshness into it. I love toile and that toile in particular so I went to Brunschwig and Fils and started shopping. I infused the space with layers of greens, creams and whites with some unexpected pink hopefully creating an interesting balance of both rhythm and surprise. I hope the impression is that whoever lives here enjoys both her room and her life,” Paul explained. A nod to Camelot and a neat notion of new are the best ways to describe this superior vision in Edgcumbe’s master bedroom.

The Kitchen & Second Floor Bathroom
Designer: Lynne Rohlfing, Lynne M. Rohlfing Design
Fort Washington, PA
Ideal Client: A client who appreciates the value of good design

Brenda Von Ennrick, Drapes in Style
Philadelphia, PA

Roger S. Wright Furniture Ltd
Blooming Glen, PA
Signature Color: Black over salem brick

Roger Wright’s Custom Cabinets in the Hall Bath

Roger Wright’s Custom Cabinets in the Hall Bath

The present (and very lucky) current owners hired Lynne M. Rohlfing Design to do the two rooms they will keep as their own (the kitchen and second floor bathroom) after the other designers pack up their pieces. The projects are in collaboration with Rohlfing and local cabinetmaker Roger Wright of Roger Wright Furniture. The kitchen is massive with a large center island, sub zero Wolf range, and slightly distressed cabinets in a delicious shade of cream courtesy of Wright. “We were very careful to keep things neutral in here in keeping with the natural color scheme of the house and woodwork and added German-inspired molding. And, it was important to have the perfect balance between the height of the ceiling and the cabinets. So, the owner suggested recessed lighting at the top, which is an ideal detail and has created ambiance in this large of a space. We also selected the cabinet pulls to be in more keeping with the original period of the house,” Wright said. Combined with a fabulous sitting room, this impressive kitchen area could have become overwhelming to guests. But the group instead has designed an appealing, gracious space.

Lynne Rohlfing & Brenda Von Errick celebrate in style

Lynne Rohlfing & Brenda Von Errick celebrate in style

Brenda Von Ennrick of Drapes in Style designed the second floor bathroom drapes. The luscious inserted pleated balloon curtains with beaded trim add a touch of romance and sophistication. Rohlfing’s surrounding bathroom is neutral in its pallet, with an irresistible claw footed tub that would make the perfect setting for a nice, warm bubble bath. Sensuous and simple, incorporating the custom cabinetry of Wright, the team made this a functional, family bath. “We were trying to keep this in keeping with the historical nature of the house, not go too far out of that realm and work with the family as to what they had envisioned for the room, and it works,” Rohfling said. The simplicity in design contrasts nicely with the dark double-sink custom bathroom cabinet and is the perfect backdrop for Rohlfing’s own beautiful watercolor which sits quietly on a window sill.

The Drawing Room
Designers: Robert Aiosa, Schuyler Blanchard, Emily Burch, Rebecca Pulver, Linda Smyth, Geoffrey Thompson.
Project coordinator: Kevin Derrick
Creative support: RJ Thornburg, Warren Mullen, Eileen Togini
M.O.N.A. (Made on North American)
Philadelphia, PA
Pet Peeve: Mid-century modern ad naseum

Victorian Accents<br>M.O.N.A.

Victorian Accents

The Neo-Victorian Drawing Room greets you at the top of the third-story staircase.
And, what we can say? It was the room that most grabbed our attention from the moment we laid eyes on it. As my comical and incredibly talented photographer Kevin E. McPherson ( mused, “If this was a nursery up here, you’d certainly have one twisted baby!” It’s not exactly a nursery but the convoluted combination of numbers and letters on the wall, and a sinister silver rocking horse in a dark corner, that most definitely had us thinking along those lines. The thought provoking space is best described as a cross between a scene out of Nicole Kidman’s “The Others” and an AML favorite childhood creepy flick, “Flowers in the Attic.”

The innovative studio known as M.O.N.A (Made on North American) is a comprehensive team of artists, designers and visionaries based out of Philadelphia. The industrial composition of the curious room, with black and white contrasts and silver accents, included a romantic cluster of vintage period mirrors perfectly arranged on one of the walls. Kevin Derrick is the ingénue of RJ Thornburg who designed Edgcombe’s dining room (see part 1 of our series) and also played a key creative role here. “We envisioned this as a room where women would be sewing, children would be playing. That’s why we quietly tucked away these details for you to discover—you have to look to find the sewing machine with the scissors (easily-accessible) on the table. We want you to come away from this experience with a curiosity, thinking and contemplating the complexities this room has to offer,” explained Derrick.

Lady Marmalade Eat your Heart Out!<br>The Design Team of M.O.N.A.

Lady Marmalade Eat your Heart Out!
The Design Team of M.O.N.A.

As we found in many of the rooms in Edgcombe, The Drawing Room produces inspiration from the estate’s Victorian roots. A crystal chandelier designed by Warren Muller protégé and M.O.N.A. designer Rebecca Pulver dances light across the dark space, and a hand painted floor of black and white fleur-de-lis-like images is incredibly romantic and intensely mesmerizing.

There are no flowers to be found in this attic space—just a ton of budding talent.

Coming Up Next in Part Three

The Final Tour, One-on-One with the Founder, and Fabulously Stylish Furry Friends

The Edgcumbe House is located at 8860 Norwood Avenue in the heart of Chestnut Hill.The 2008 PSPCA Doghaus will be open to the public October 11-November 9. Tour hours are p.m. weekdays and 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. on weekends. Individual tickets, which include a complimentary catalog, are $25 and can be purchased at the door. All proceeds directly benefit PSPCA adoption programs. Visit

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  1. Karen S. Says:

    This is a neat article but you have to see the house in person to understand how enormous it is. My mom, myself and my girlfriends went to this house last week after seeing this and it was pretty cool. Are you going to be featuring more show houses like this on the site?

  2. AML Publisher Says:

    Hi Karen,
    Thank you, we will be looking at some great holiday locations in this same genre to highlight on AML. As always, we love your feedback and suggestions for editorial you would find interesting.

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