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Teresa’s Next Door is Bar None

By AML Staff Writer
Photos Courtesy of Kevin E. McPherson

Beer Lover's Dream, Teresa's Next Door, Wayne, PA

Beer Lover's Dream, Teresa's Next Door, Wayne, PA

It took Teresa’s Next Door less than a year to go from just another new bar to pop up on restaurant row in Wayne (known to locals as ‘The Avenue”) to a must stop for any beer drinker who also appreciates good food and a social atmosphere. This award-winning restaurant (Best of Philly 2008: Best Beer Bar) with 24 rotating beers on tap is gaining a cult following with an established group of regularly pleased patrons. And it’s not through luck. Chef and Owner Andy Dickerson has done a great job in hiring and training a knowledgeable and friendly staff, which AML has quietly confirmed on many recent visits to the one-room cafe, which is somehow both cavernous and cozy.

The speedy success of Teresa’s Next Door (a.k.a. The Main Line’s ‘Monks’) since their June 2007 opening is in the details—the obvious and the subtle. Their “no tv” approach is a hit despite being centered in an area that lives and dies by its sports teams. The bar was packed on Saturday September 27th with dozens of diners enjoying the drunken mussels (an AML favorite and recommended entreé) as the Phillies clinched the NL East title. And if you don’t feel like you are strolling into a café on a busy side street in Brugge when you walk in the door and bear right (Teresa’s Italian Café and BYOB is to the left), you either have never been to Belgium or you can’t appreciate great taste. The pristine, perfectly lit 78-seat bistro was heavily researched and planned over two years ago by Dickerson and his business partner Mike Ellis.

In December of 2006, Dickerson, Ellis and a group of friends enjoyed a ten day beer tour of Belgium as part of their meticulous planning. Additional research confirmed that the western suburbs of Philadelphia were in need and want of an upscale Belgium-inspired experience. When they returned, they set the business plan in motion. After partnering with the area’s resident beer expert and owner of Wayne’s Beer Yard (, Matt Guyer, TND never looked back “A lot of people have made comments to us from the very beginning they are so glad not to have to drive downtown, deal with the traffic, pay for parking–all that money, time and effort–to find a great Belgian restaurant. So, that is rewarding because we felt that is exactly what the suburbs were missing. We have about fifteen percent return patrons a week and as well as a ton of foot traffic. It’s appealing especially to everyone lucky enough to be in walking distance to downtown Wayne,” Dickerson beams.

Main Line Tap Room, Teresa’s Next Door

Main Line Tap Room, Teresa’s Next Door

With its two dozen drafts, over 100 bottles in stock, and monthly events and specials (see below), TND meets the standards of the most demanding beer lover. Add Dickerson’s unpredictable but likeable beer options, and the crowds and brews are, without fail, flowing. “Our whole mentality with the beer has worked. We set up the taps with half Belgium and half American with one English and one German and then keep rotating everything. This has been a very popular approach. Every tap represents a unique style of beer so even though we are constantly changing the kegs, the styles remain consistent at the tap with very few exceptions. So, we are speaking to someone’s particular (beer) palate but providing variety. And this keeps our clientele interested, keeps them coming back so they never get bored.” The most predictable part of the restaurant’s philosophy has been an ongoing schedule of beer dinners. Their Tasty Tuesday’s have been a big hit where TND diners can expect six to eight different food and beer pairings for a great value. AML attended a jam packed Allagash dinner with Rob Todd in late June and Dickerson promises there are many more unique nights to come.

To provide a true feel for their sophistication of choices, Dickerson emails me a mid-September tap menu that demonstrate the variety they are faithfully committed. It boasts its hand pumps “on the cask” with Weyerbacher Hops Infusion IPA and Victory Hop Devil (Downingtown). The English selection for this round of kegs includes the Philadelphia Brewing Co. Walt Wit (“mellow, creamy mouth-feel and hints of unmalted wheat, citrus and spice upfront…”), Weyerbacher Alpha’s Belgian Pale Ale (“Soft, malty notes of apricot, banana and pear set the stage for a spicy yeast character”) and many more. On the Belgian side, TND included a full bodied, strong dark ale in Delirium’s Nocturnum (“Flavors of dark candi sugar, toasted caramel and mild peppery spice flow together into a symphony of placid sweetness”) and a light-bodied Liefmans Kriek (“Fruit Lambic. Strong aromas of candied cherry lead to a flavor that is much more subdued cherry fruit balanced by tartness and a touch of lambic funk”). According to FND’s biographical beer list, Kriekbier is brewed only once per year by adding whole pitted cherries to six month old brown ale base (same as in Goudenband) and barrel aged for two more years creating beer with complexity and depth. In addition, the draft list promises upcoming Green Flash IPA, Rodenbach Grand Cru, De Ranke Guldenberg, Summit Octoberfest, Corsendonk Brown and Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale.

With the steady flux of restaurants and pubs coming in and out of the Main Line, its evident Teresa’s Next Door has carved out a successful niche and hit an easy, steady stride. In addition to the bevy of bottles of beer on the wall, Dickerson also emphasizes that TND has a comprehensive selection of wines and a very popular cheese menu for those customers who want options. All in all, the best part of the TND experience is Dickerson’s vision in bringing the region a great pour of European excellence to our own backyard.

Teresa’s Café and Teresa’s Next Door are located at 124-126 North Wayne Avenue in Wayne, PA. TND is open Monday thru Thursday 4pm-1am, Friday and Saturday 11:30am-1am and Sunday 11am-3pm for brunch. Sunday dinner is from 3-11pm. Their website is pending. For more information you can contact the front desk at 610-293-0119.

Events Upcoming @ Teresa’s Next Door

Chimay Anniversary party celebrating 25 years in the US.
Wednesday October 8th 7-10pm
A Chimay rep will be telling stories, answering questions and giving away over 100 collector glasses to those buying Chimay that evening and handing out pens, bottle openers, etc.
Teresa’s Next Door is one of forty select accounts in the nation to be chosen for this event and one of only four in the Philly region and the only one in the suburbs.

Early November 2008 (Date TBD)
Dogfishead Beer Dinner
Teresa’s Next Door we will be hosting a Dogfishead Beer Dinner, featuring over eight rare and strange brews including but not limited to: World Wide Stout, ImmortAle, Palo Santo, Burton Baton, Midas Touch, Red and White, Blue and Black. Stay tuned to
as your trusted beer lover’s local resource for more details coming soon!

Teresa’s Next Door Complete Dining and Cheese Menu September 2008


Fricadelles, meatballs simmered in white beer, served with dark bread and strong mustard 7.

Scallop Brochette, skewered grilled day-boat sea scallops wrapped in applewood smoked bacon with lemon horseradish aioli 10.

Chicken Fingers, breaded chicken breast with honey Dijon or house barbeque 7.
Add $1 for spicy buffalo style with blue cheese

Wings, oven-roasted, never fried, whole jumbo chicken wings, choose from smokey cinnamon, rosemary roasted garlic, house barbeque or traditional hot wings 8½.

The Bread Board, sausage, cured meat, cheese, fruit, strong mustard and dark bread 11.

Pommes Frites, hand-cut French fries, twice fried served with remoulade 4¼.

Kaas Frite, an assortment of fried cheese, gruyere, cheddar and mozzarella, baby watercress with lemon, whole grain apple mustard and marinara 8½.

Tres Flautas, crispy corn tortillas rolled with chicken, served with grilled corn salad, sour cream and twin salsas 8.

Carne de Lomo, marinated and wood grilled skewered beef served with tortillas, roasted pablanos, queso fresco, pico de gallo, and sour cream 10½.

Carnitas, corn tortillas topped with smoked pork, chopped onion, salsa verde, served with grilled corn salad 8½.

Crispy Artichokes, cornmeal crusted, long stem, marinated artichoke hearts, baby watercress and lemon 8.


Maison Verde, mixed field greens, carrot, radish, cucumber, red onion and tomato and chervil shallot vinaigrette 6.

Baby Shrimp and Leek, poached baby leeks topped with a warm brown butter lemon vinaigrette and baby shrimp 8½.

Asparagus, steamed and chilled white and green asparagus, hard boiled egg mimosa, apple wood smoked bacon, herb vinaigrette 8½.

Apple, Belgian endive, radicchio and baby watercress, Belgian honey-goat cheese, sliced apples and Lindemans cassis vinaigrette 9.

Walloon, poached baby leeks, white and green asparagus, Serrano ham, hard boiled egg and warm lemon parsley butter 9.

Duck, sliced wood grilled duck breast, poached cherries, goat cheese, mixed field greens, orange citrus vinaigrette 12½.

Grilled Chicken, mixed greens, cilantro lime vinaigrette, roasted pablanos, corn salad, pico de gallo, queso fresco, avocado, tortilla crisps 12½.

Steak, sliced 8 oz. sirloin, fingerling potatoes, tomatoes, onions, carrots, zucchini, mixed field greens, Danish blue cheese dressing 15.

Please bring any allergy, dietary or vegetarian need to the attention of your server
Items may be served raw or under cooked. Consuming raw or undercooked animal products
can increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

Served with pomme frites and bread 12½.

Moule – leeks, garlic, white beer

Dirty – applewood smoked bacon, red onion, blue cheese, white beer

Crocus & Cream – saffron, diced tomato, white wine, shallot, cream
Drunken – dark beer, chorizo sausage, red pepper, shallot, garlic, chervil

Provincial – white wine, garlic and herbs

Moule Rouge – marinara, fresh torn basil, white wine, garlic


Tuna, wood grilled served over tomatoes, gaeta olives, haricot-verts, red onion, fingerling potatoes, hard cooked eggs, lemon horseradish Dijon aioli 25.

Waterzooi, shrimp, scallops, codfish and mussels, julienne zucchini, carrots, leeks and celery root in a white wine fresh herb broth with just a touch of cream 19½.

Autumn Chicken, beer brined and roasted ½ chicken served over butternut squash, brussel sprouts and nutmeg agnolotti tossed in a stout maple cream 21.

Filet, center cut beef tenderloin grilled over an oak fire, black truffle butter, served with grilled baby leeks, and stoemp, a traditional Belgian and vegetable mashed potato medley 27½.

Steak-Frite, oak grilled top butt sirloin, Worcestershire demi-glace served with pomme frites 18.

Carbonnade Flamande, tender beef and onions braised in abbey dubbel dark beer served with stoemp, a traditional Belgian vegetable and mashed potato blend 15.

Pork Chop, wood fired 12oz double bone pork chop, roasted peaches, bacon shallot brussels sprouts, fingerling potatoes 24.

The Herbivore, grilled portobello mushrooms layered and baked with gruyere, tomato, caramelized leeks and artichoke hearts drizzled with 30 year old balsamic vinegar and chive oil 16.

Served with greens

Croque Monsieur, toasted sandwich of gruyere and proscuitto cotto 7½.

Quack, sliced duck breast, Serrano ham, baby watercress, cherry vinaigrette, brioche 11.

Bratwurst, braised with dark beer and onions, then grilled over oak, mustard, long roll 9.

Pulled Pork, spicy pulled pork, slowly smoked and braised, basil jalapeno slaw 9.

Tips & Tails, diced beef tenderloin, red onions, sharp cheddar, Worcestershire demi-glace, long roll 12½.

Cuban, toasted sandwich of smoked pork, Serrano ham, Swiss cheese, imported cornichons, strong mustard 9½.

Croque Madame, a knife and fork version of the croque monsieur topped with a fried egg 9.

Portobello, oak grilled, brioche roll, lettuce, tomato, red onion 8.

Oak Grilled Chicken Breast, served sliced, brioche roll, lettuce, tomato, red onion 8.

Prime Burger, 8oz. of USDA Prime ground beef from rib eyes, filets and strip loins grilled over oak, brioche roll, lettuce, tomato, red onion 10.

Top with any of the following for 95 cents:
Bacon, Serrano ham, proscuitto cotto, caramelized leeks, beer braised onions, cheddar, crumbled blue cheese, Swiss, gruyere cheese, pablano peppers, pico de gallo, queso fresco, avocado

Next Door’s Cheese
All cheeses are served with bread, toast, fruit and a proper accoutrement

Testun al Barolo Italy, raw sheep, semi-soft
Fresh milk curds are surrounded with Nebbiolo grapes and aged for 12 months. This cheese will not disappoint 8½.

Old Gouda Holland, cow, hard
A standby, a go to, a favorite. Savory butterscotch prevails through the five year old cheese 7.

Fiscalini California, raw cow, firm
18 months of bandage wrapped aging produce an unbelievable American farmhouse cheddar. Intense 8.

Robiola Bosina Italy, cow, soft bloomy rind
Traditonal recipe and modern equipment create this delicious, runny double cream brie 7.

Pierre Robert France, cow, soft bloomy rind
Crème fraiche is added during curing to make this buttery and tangy triple cream 7½.

Pau Spain, sheep, semi-soft
This washed rind cheese with a pale ivory paste has a nutty, cooked milk flavor like that of goat gouda 7½.

Chimay a la Biere Belgium, cow, semi-soft
Supple smooth texture, big, beefy, robust flavor washed with beer. More tame to the nose than the Potaupre 7.

Chimay Potaupre Belgium, cow, semi-soft
This is by far the most aromatic of the Trappist cheeses, very fresh, pungent washed rind, creamy and delicious 7.

Garrotxa Spain, sheep, semi-firm
A new favorite from Spain. Mild flavor, gentle acidity and hints of hazelnut make this is a must try! 7½.

Capra Honey Goat Belgium, goat, soft
Liquid gold, smooth Belgian goat cheese blended with honey and aged briefly 7.

Humboldt Fog California, goat, semi-soft
Ask anyone on the staff, they all like this infamous, award winning, two-layer aged goat cheese 7.

Valdeon Spain, cow, semi-firm
Wrapped in chestnut leaves this bold bleu is full of intense flavor 7½.

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  1. Lulu Says:

    This place sounds great. I can’t wait to check it out. A Belgian restaurant with a keen focus on a variety of beers is a breath of fresh air for the Mainline!

  2. Keith Says:

    Great hangout there is nothing like else it in the suburbs.
    the fact its still not that well known makes it great
    if you’re a regular like me. I’ve been to Belgium, they nailed
    the concept.

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